Should I Remove My Winter Tires For A Road Trip To Florida This Week?

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I currently have snow tires on and I am taking the family to Florida for 1.5 weeks. I am concerned that through Southern Ontario and Northern USA we will experience poor road conditions however once we get into Florida it will be much warmer .. will the damage to my winter tires be that severe using them for one week in the warm weather? should I change to my summer tires and take the chance of poor driving conditions on the way down?

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8 Responses to Should I Remove My Winter Tires For A Road Trip To Florida This Week?

  1. Dfamily says:

    If you have studded tires, you can not use them legally in many states south of the Mason Dixon line. If you have regular (non studded) snow tires, you will not harm the tires.
    I would want to have the tires for the worst, not best conditions that I may encounter, so I would leave the (legal) snow tires on the car.

  2. fire4511 says:

    Leave the tires on. when you come back from florida it will still be winter in Ontario, Canada. 1 week in warmer weather won’t hurt the tires that much. You can change to summer tires but that’s going to cost you about $60 to have them changed and another $60 to have the winter tires back on. Don’t take a chance on poor driving conditions. Weather is unpredictable. You’re talking about your family’s safety here. Leave the winter tires ON!

  3. harry-ba says:

    Wdnesday is supposed to be the worst weather.
    Light wintry mix changing to rain.
    Warm days, mid-40s after.
    The ice that’s on the road today should be gone tomorrow.
    If you have studded tires, you will get hassled.
    If your tires don’t have studs, it’s your choice.
    The roads should not be bad at all.

  4. No; not at all.
    Your car will ride a little rougher due to the snow tires, but that’s the only drawback. I don’t even think your gas mileage will be affected.

  5. Turtle 6 says:

    Unless your tires are studded I wouldn’t worry about it to much at all.
    If it still bugs you I would imagine a good set of all season tires should get you to florida perfectly fine.

  6. varnerje says:

    If your from Canada you’re familiar with driving in snow. I would remove the snows as the weather has pretty much broken here in northern Ohio. Good luck.

  7. Mike C says:

    Look at the weather for the next week, if it’s not going to snow then change them to your regular tires.

  8. jay says:

    idk if your going throught PA and up through those mountains opn the way down you never know. id leave them on just to be safe.