Question about switching from winter to summer tires?

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I had my winter tires removed yesterday and my summer tires put on. I drove to work this morning and it sounded like a had a flat tire. I got out at the stoplight to check and all the tires looked fine. The tire pressure was checked and was fine. My car still sounds like there's a flat, and the rear shakes...any idea what this could be?
It's a newer Mazda 3 if that makes any difference.

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6 Responses to Question about switching from winter to summer tires?

  1. cypres says:

    Sounds like they didnt balance the tire properly. Take it back and have them take a look at it.

  2. kelly_f_1999 says:

    could be flat cant really tell by looking at them if the air pressure is right or not and could be a flat spot could be out of balance could be they not tighten right so first check to see if they got nuts on tight then check with a air gage and drive back to where it was done best

  3. MazdaTech_PR says:

    the winter tires has a softer tire compound that give the car a better grip to the snow

    the heat in the summer rise the temp of the road so the tire too, so the summer tires need a harder compound so it will handle the heat of road and also make the tire last longer

    changing from winter tire to summer tires during the winter can affect the stability of the car because the tires are not made to handle the road conditions

    if you change now from summer to winter tires you will see the difference

  4. Antheus says:

    drive more distance with them…if they are new the tyres squeels sometimes the rubber is too hard and heat builds up slowly
    Also check that the tyres are corectlly balanced(the led wights are they corecly placed???)))

  5. oldson says:

    you definitely have a tire out of balance maybe more than one ,take it back as soon as possible and have them fix this.

  6. It could be a few different things.

    One, have them re-balanced. Especially if you notice the symptom at higher speeds.

    Two, be sure that they mounted them on the car correctly. Does the back end seem to “wiggle”? They may have not tightened the lug nuts properly, and they have come loose. Be careful, your wheel may come off if this is the issue. Don’t drive either…as the wobbling may destroy the lug bolt threads.

    Three, your rim may be bent, but you would have known from before. I assume you use the same rims and have the tires dismounted and remounted with each seasonal change. If you use the same rims, then I would check to see if all the lugs are properly tightened, and of so, then check balance. They need to be re-balanced every time they are mounted.