Is it best to have winter tires at 15 or 16 inches?

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Is it best to have winter grip tires with the metal thingys at 15 or 16 inches ??? Does it matter??? Because a guy told me that it is safer to have smaller tires for better grip of snow but I still want my tires to look cool so but want the saftey at same time so it it better to have 15 inch or 16 inch tire for winter tires...

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4 Responses to Is it best to have winter tires at 15 or 16 inches?

  1. 15 inch rims would give you a narrower tread, so apparantly it would be better for snow. i’m not sure why, but that’s what most people seem to say.

    but when buying summer rims, wider tires are best.

  2. krazybob613 says:

    There is very little difference in the effective footprint whether you have tires on 15 inch or 16 inch rims. Oversize rims or tires may however cause issues with clearance if you need to use tire chains – which are often required on mountain passes.

    It does not matter one whit if your wheels look cool but you can not proceed because you can not meet the state requirements to continue because of chain requirements due to heavy snow.

    Besides that, Snow and Ice are seriously damaging to cool custom rims and tires, better to store them for the winter and run steel wheels and Snow Tires in winter.

  3. hello says:

    the 15 will allow you to have a taller tread wall with the same height tirer that is narrower. narrower tires dig in better reaching the pavement or hard surface, which is what allows you to get optimal grip.
    the taller tread wall gives you better tread flex keeping the tread on the road better over bumps, rocks and potholes, which further improves grip.

    get the steel rims and suffer through, salt will eat holes in your fancy aluminum rims.

  4. As long as you keep the rolling diameter the same, it doesn’t matter.