is it a bad idea to change your own winter tires?

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If you can change a spare....cant you change your regular tires with winter tires?

Is it a bad idea to change your own tire or should you bring it in to the mechanic to have them change it.

Whats the difference?
so basically if their on rims...i can change them my self right? Like changing a spare tire.

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7 Responses to is it a bad idea to change your own winter tires?

  1. gary v says:

    If you have the right tools.

  2. if they are on rims do it yourself

  3. it would save you some money =]

  4. nikkai says:

    When you change your spare you are just undoing the “lug nuts” and swapping wheels over.
    Changing Tyre’s to winter grade I think you are referring to Tyre’s that have studs fitted into the tread area to aid grip on snow and ice conditions.
    If you have a set of these Tyre’s which are on the rims that fir your vehicle then it is just like changing a spare.
    but if your Tyre’s are just cases (no metal rims fitted) you are better of going to a tyre dealer and have an expert do the job and there they will balance them for you.

  5. Steven J says:

    The only thing you need is to have winters tires on both sides that are the same. Minor differences show up road noise and vibrations.

  6. mister ss says:

    if you have your snow tires already mounted on rims sure you can unbolt your summer tires and wheels and take them off and replace with your mounted snow tires.

  7. mike says:

    NO one is talking about Balancing your wheels before you put them on. It cost about 10 bucks to balance each wheel.

    AND while you’re there, many places will do you the favor of taking off your summer wheels and put on your winter wheels.

    Oh and hey, while the shop has your wheels off ask them to take a glance at your brakes, this way you’ll know whats up, instead of waiting till its time to actually do the brakes. Being prepared can only make life easier right.

    But if none of this worries you, then go ahead and swap them out your self, just mark the current placement of your summer tires so that you can properly rotate them once winter ends. And yea, it’s just like changing a pare tire, except you gotta do it 4 times. And dude, don’t forgot to tighten your nuts in the “star pattern” —> and not too tight….watch a youtube video if you got a minute or two, —>

    Cuz it’s not only your life I’m worried about, its the life of the the other people on the road you could kill and junk…..I’m not trying to be a spaz, but you’re are driving about a huge chunck of fast moving metal.

    —- totally best answer, wouldn’t you agree. I went all out here. —-