If I switch tires in the winter do I need to rotate them?

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I live in the mountains so I switch between normal and winter tires every sping and fall. Is this equivalent to getting your tires rotated?

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8 Responses to If I switch tires in the winter do I need to rotate them?

  1. duce says:

    You should still get your tires rotated for even tire wear

  2. wenona says:

    it would be good but its not a must!

  3. Dave says:

    It is if you move the tires from front to back and vice versa when you switch. Probably a good idea to take a piece of chalk and mark the tire with RF (Right Front), LF (Left Front), RR, LR when you store them. Then you can move them when the next driving season arrives.

    Always a good idea to watch for uneven wear though.

  4. No rotating the tires the front tires go to the opposite side of the car in the rear. For example your front right tire would go to the back left and then both of the rear tires just move up.

    When you take your spring tires off and put your winter tires on rotate from how you had them on the first time so that they can get even wear all the way around and don’t for get to get them balanced, the right air pressure and get a wheel alignment.

  5. jim p says:

    first of all are they snow tires? front wheel drive or back wheel drive radials do need to be rotated

  6. Jim M says:

    If you switch all four tires and make them all Winter tread it is ok to rotate them but remember this. Right Front to Right Rear Left Front to Left rear. Never cross them from side to side the belts in the radial tires will twist and make the car shimmy like a bowl of JELLO.

  7. Do you do all 4 tires? Then it is. Rotating tires is for the front tire wear. Out of alignment is what really wears them out.

  8. Mark F says:

    Its only equivilant to a rotation if the tires end up on a different corner of the car each time. Say for example the summer tires that are on the front now end up on the back next spring.