How do we choose winter tires?

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We have a '97 CRV and live in a snowy, icy area. How do we choose which tires to get and any opinions on which ones are the best?

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8 Responses to How do we choose winter tires?

  1. soj m says:

    you ask the car keeper which rubber is tough!

  2. notaclue says:

    We live in upstate NY where the snow and ice are very common winter scenarios. I’ve tried a lot of tires and found a couple brands to be the best both traction and quality wise.
    The Hercules “Terra Trac” is an excellent tire. I also use Michelin and Cooper tires with very similar results. The best tire I ever bought was called a “Desert Dog” but have no idea who made the tire. It was absolutely awesome! We have a farm and I used the truck all the time out in the wet fields and plowing in the winter and never had a traction problem with that tire.
    You don’t want an “all season” because they are NOT all season tires in my opinion. You don’t want a real aggressive tire either as they are great in mud but lacking in snow and ice. You have to find one that is sort of in between.
    We have been using the “Terra Trac” for many years and have no complaints what-so-ever. I would highly recommend it to you!
    Hope this sheds some insight for you-Good Luck!

  3. car man says:

    Choosing your tires is very important, especially if you require something “special” out of them. In your case, You need excellent snow and ice traction. also, keep in mind that it is hard to tell if you are driving on snow covered road, or snow covered off road, so all terrain performance could also be important. Check out these tire models

  4. Guy L says:

    The best place I have found to research tires is at There you can input the year make & model of you vehicle and specify that you are only looking for a snow tire and it will bring you up a bunch of selections. From there you can read consumer reviews of the tires.

    One thing to remember is if you go with a tire that has to argessive of a tread it will alter the ride and handleing of your car based SUV.

    Usually I would recommend a Bridgestone Blizzack. They have worked extremly well for me in the past on BMW and Mercedes. They don’t change the handleing characteristics of the vehucle and still give you an excellent ride. However they are not the least expensive

  5. The best place I have found to research tires is at