EClass Mercedes rims with winter tires

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EClass What I have for sale is an entire set of GENUINE Mercedes rims and winter tires

There are 4 rims with the part number: A 210 401 06 02

Intended I think for the 1996-1998 E-Class? Except they fit an R129 SL as well.

These 16's are fitted with a set of Bridgestone Blizzak WS-15's that have never really been used.

The tires are 215/55/R16 91Q

The story:

These rims and tires have been used for no more than 7km's. Why?

The rims and tires I bought and had intended to put them on a modfied SL. This was what I was going to use for the Canadian winter, except I ended up lowering the car quite a bit, so these dont fit anymore. Not only that, it also slowly started to become obvious that in the snow, the car does NOT work properly nor is it a good idea. Anyways, the car is no longer with me anymore and I need to clear up some storage space as I'm going back to school and really need to buy a Macbook.

The only USE these rims and tires had, is being mounted on my car before the car was lowered, I drove to a gas station and back home, and took them off and left them in my storage.

There is ZERO curb rash on these and they are ready to be mounted and go, I have NO use at all for these anymore, one rim is lightly scuffed and thats all... This entire package, cost me 2,700 dollars when I bought the car

The price ive set is about 200 dollars each wheel and tire.... And the tires cost me 280 each. You can probably take the tires off the rims and sell those separately and make money, however I have no time to do this..

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, 4 new cooper discoverer ms 265x75r16 tires 2657516 265 75 16,
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