DO winter tires help for better drifting?

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I'm not really good with car knowledge (at least not yet) and i was wondering if winter tires help you drift better for a car in the snow?

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5 Responses to DO winter tires help for better drifting?

  1. bumblebee says:

    Most cars have all weather tires…summer and winter.
    If you live in a snowy place such as the Rocky Mts. some roads you have to have chains on your tires.
    If you mean “sliding and skidding ” when you say drifting…the only thing that will help you regarding that is being an experienced driver in the snow.

  2. krazybob613 says:

    Do winter tires help you get through the snow drifts? YES
    I recommend the Cooper Weathermaster and Mastercraft Glacier Grip tires for anyone facing serious winter conditions.

    Do they drift better (as in “Tokyo Drift”) NO

    The tread compound used in snow tires provides additional traction on snow and ice but will overheat and wear extremely quickly when repeatedly and deliberately pushed to and past their limits in the manner practiced by “Drift Racers” They use special racing tires.

  3. musashi says:

    No! Snow tires are much harder and will not give when you hit a bump or groove sideways. It sounds like a good idea because they will break traction easy, but if you hit a bump or rut your tire will catch and either blow out or roll your car. The other big factor is the heat. A winter tire is designed for low temps, when you drift you are heating up your tires WAY above what a snow tire is rated. Get a cheap summer tire, and make sure it is a summer or summer sport, no more than a 55 high with some cheap rims until you get better. When you get better move to a tire with high temp and micro flex compound. Good luck.

  4. says:

    The best way to drive on snow or ice covered roads is to drive like you’re walking on eggshells. Meaning – don’t drive unless you absolutely have to. Then if you do have to get out, make sure you have chains installed, enough fuel and time and the lights and heater work. With chains on, you’ll have to keep the speed around 15-20 mph.

    All the best.

  5. UCANTCME says:

    No but snow tires will help you better….