Do studded tires last longer than regular winter tires?

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I live in Quebec so studs are legal and winter tires are mandatory by law from Dec 15 - March 15. Our old set of winter tires lasted us 3 seasons and we're considering getting (new) studded tires next winter.

Do the studs provide extra life for your tires? My husband was told they can last 2 years longer because once the studs are gone you still have a decent winter tire. Is this true?

Can a tire be re-studded? Or once the studs are gone are you just driving around on nubs?

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6 Responses to Do studded tires last longer than regular winter tires?

  1. bajakma says:

    I think if you only have the studded tires on the car for 3-5 months per year and they only last 3 seasons then you either drive a long distance or they don’t last that well. Yes they can be re studded.

  2. Andy Pandy says:

    Given you are probably in a minority re this subject you might be better served by asking around your local tyre/tire dealers or local motoring organisations that you may have up at your end of the planet.
    Little use for these tyres in the UK.

  3. Garacaius says:

    Studded tires can last longer ( depending upon of course how they are used ). I have a set that has lasted four seasons, but I drive them gently. They are ready for another season.

    YES, a quality tire shop can remove old and put new studs in a tire.


  4. john e says:

    I am sure studded tires last longer because they are not used year round they can be restudded

  5. Fred C says:

    No, they do not last 2 years longer, and no, tires can’t be re-studded. Whoever told your husband they last longer obviously believe the car rides totally on the studs until they are worn out. Because the tire flexes, it still rides on the rubber, but the studs grip the ice. Thank goodness they do, otherwise the car would slide all over on dry pavement. There will be some life left in the tire after the studs are worn, but another 2 years is impossible unless you believe less than 4/32″ or less winter tread is adequate (it isn’t). 2/32″ is legal, but, seriously, anything under 4/32″ has limited grip on snow, and not enough depth to force slush and water out of the way.

    Tires can’t be restudded because, as the tire wears, the minimum depth to hold the studs is no longer there. The end of the old stud would also still be in the hole. The labour to take all them out would probably be twice the cost of a new tire, even if you found a shop that would consider doing it. I also takes a special tool to remove them.

    It may be a moot point anyway, because Quebec is likely to change the law to require studded tires, maybe in 2 years, but possibly next year. So make your next set studded. If you don’t, and they bring in the change after you have driven on non-studded tires for a winter, you will be buying new again, because used tires can’t be studded. The little holes fill with crud and then the studs can’t be inserted.

  6. oklatom says:

    Fred C has the only correct answer. Give him the points.