Are Bigger Car Wheels Better?

One question that is commonly asked by many car owners is whether bigger car wheels are truly better than smaller sized ones. In a world where technology has broken down a great many boundaries, it is often said of many things that size does not matter. There are, however, still some situations in which size does matter. In fact, in the case of car wheels, size makes a great deal of difference.


It is easy to dismiss big car wheels as simply being a fancy of street racers and young punks attempting to look ‘cool’. Of course, this is definitely true. The younger generation posing on the streets are hardly concerned with the handling and comfort that bigger wheels provide so much as they are concerned with the boost to their image that such wheels give. Nevertheless, this is far from the only use that large car wheels have.


Any experienced driver should be able to tell you that larger car wheels do, in fact, improve the safety and handling of your car. One of the most important things when driving your car is how well it handles. Handling determines how well your car responds when you turn the steering wheel, and whether it will go where you want it to or veer off in another direction because the car wheels are unable to grip the road surface properly. Handling is most important when traveling at high speeds because you might need to react quickly in the event of an emergency, and without proper handling, you might not be able to turn your car in the direction that you need to go fast enough.


Another aspect in which having larger wheels definitely helps is when it comes to braking and stopping. The length of time it takes for your car to come to a complete stop is dependent on the amount of friction present between your car wheels and the surface of the road. Having larger car wheels will provide a greater area of contact between your wheels and the surface of the road, thus allowing your car to slow and come to a complete stop more quickly than with smaller wheels. This is particularly important if you have to stop to prevent from hitting an obstacle or to avoid an accident.


Finally, larger wheels also provide for a smoother and more comfortable ride than smaller wheels. This is because larger wheels are not as prone to falling into depressions in the road, and they simply ride over bumps that smaller wheels would take more effort to get over. If you find yourself in your car often or you have to travel long distances to and from work on a regular basis, then the degree of comfort offered by your car while on the road is definitely something important to you. With larger wheels on your car, you would be able to cruise over potholes and other imperfections in the road while cars with smaller wheels would be bumping up and down, jolting their drivers to no end.


Thus, when it comes to car wheels, size does indeed matter, and the you would do well to purchase larger car wheels for your car, so as to improve the overall comfort, handling, and performance of your vehicle.

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