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At present, SSR is the only company that produces SSF aluminum wheels in the world.
SSR Wheels
The company is still doing further research to improve the performance of SSF wheels, producing lightweight, strong and beautiful wheels that benefit the customer via elegant appearance, flawless functionality, along with the great performance.

The SSR wheels are available at lower prices in comparison to the casting and forging wheels.

The SSR wheels and rims are available in 18, 19 and 20 inch sizes. The wheels produced by the SSR wheels are ideal for the vehicles like Infiniti G37, and Acura NSX.

The SSR wheels are produced by one of the top aluminum wheel producer, Alumax. The technology used to produce the wheels is different in comparison to the other wheel manufacturers.

The alloy billets are heated to form a semi solid state and these are shaped in an explicitly engineered forging press. These type of applications are used only in the automotive and aircraft sectors. It is the only company to manufacture semi solid forged alloy wheels in the world.

The SSR wheels are light weight and are very strong as they use ultra high tech forging technology. In an effort to improve upon the cast aluminum wheels, SSR developed titanium and magnesium wheels that had reached their likely performance, but the production capacity was limited and also the wheels were high cost.

Understanding the customer thirst for lower cost and higher quality wheels, the SSR wheels started using the semi solid forging technology that is used in the aircraft industry, where reliability and low weight are crucial.

There are several styles available in the SSR wheels for which, some of them may have center caps and some do not. Some of the colors of SSR wheels include silver with machined lip, bright satin wheels, Anthracite, Bright sil wheels etc.

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