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Porsche is launching its new model, 4-door Grand Turismo, the Porsche Panamera in 2009. This model will be featured with the same hybrid technology that was incorporated in its earlier versions.
Porsche automobile manufacturing company is well known for producing the sports utility vehicles (SUV) as well as sports cars. Moreover, the company is a regular introducer of high performance engines in its sports cars range. The company is launching Cayenne SUV hybrid prototype engine by the end of this decade. The demonstration of this same vehicle was done at Stuttgart recently.

Porsche is giving its prior notice to the economical fuel consumption with an average rate of 9.8 litres per 100 kilometres distance range in its New European driving cycle. The company is also targeting to get an average of 24 miles/gallon for its Cayenne Hybrid model in US roads. The company is continuing more research works in order to get an average fuel consumption of 8.9 litres per kilometre or 26 miles /gallon in near future developments.

A full hybrid design will be introduced in the Cayenne Hybrid model. The electric motor and clutch will be placed in between the gasoline engine. The transmission system will be monitored by means of a planetary gear arrangement pattern. According to Porsche, the in-line configurations of hybrid modules are well compatible with the Cayenne platform.

Hence, the company has selected this design. The engine has become more fuel efficient after selecting and designing the fully hybrid design. The designed configuration also offers engine flexibility as well as much improved acceleration in comparison to its conventional Cayenne models.

The combustion engine, the battery as well as the electric motor are the three important components of the Cayenne Hybrid model cars. Moreover, these three components are also known as the Hybrid Manager.

The Hybrid Manager offers about 20,000 data parameters in comparison to just 6,000 data parameters in Porsche conventional models. Hence, this technology is considered as the most powerful technology in terms of its capability and advanced features.

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