Low-Rolling Resistance Tires Can Help You Get Better MPG

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A new sticker for vehicle tires is being proposed by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to provide information about tread wear rating and wet traction index. The sticker was also included with the information regarding the rating of fuel efficiency, which is based on the rolling resistance of tire.

Fuel economy can be significantly affected by the tires. To overcome from rolling resistance, about 5% to 15% of fuel is used by a car. The friction between road and tire produces the energy, which is wasted as heat. Moreover, the heat energy is produced due to the flexing between tire and rim and often flexing of tire walls. If a person touches a tire after a long run, then he/she can experience the amount of heat generated due to a hot run. It reveals the wasted energy in the form of heat too.

All tire manufacturing companies are developing as well as marketing the low resistant tires to minimize the wasted energy. Here the pay off is very much important, because fuel economy can be increased up to 3%-5% extra by reducing the rolling resistance up to 20%-25%. Moreover, low resistance tires can be observed in almost all hybrid vehicles.

A person can achieve a low rolling resistance by using advanced rubber compounds along with the tread patterns. The optimized rolling resistance and grip depend upon each other. It is observed that the intricate tread design provides much better grip. The rolling resistance co-efficient in most of the tires in a new car ranges from 0.007 to 0.014.

Both conventional tires and low rolling resistance tires are good for the traction, tire life as well as temperature resistance. Sometimes drivers feel that the low rolling resistance tires do not hold the road well due to its harder nature. Hence some aggressive drivers like to use softer tires to get the require road adhesion for their vehicle. Moreover, the low resistance tires are expensive.

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