Garmin Nuvi 885T Versus TomTom Go 730

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Here's a comparative analysis of Garmin Nuvi 885T and TomTom Go 730, so let's look at both contenders one after the other.

Garmin Nuvi 885T

Garmin Nuvi 885T is available at a lower price in comparison to the StreetPilot 720 GPS unit. However, this device is equipped with more features in comparison to the StreetPilot 720 GPS device. In terms of its features, the device has a wide screen up to 4.3 inches. Hence, it is quite useful in daily usage of GPS service. The device is also is quite portable, making its transportation as well as usage a snap.

Moreover, the storage capacity of Garmin Nuvi 885T can be expanded by means removable memory stick, which can be inserted in the micro SD card slot. Therefore, the user can load a number of audio as well as MP3 files for entertainment purpose, apart from its main functionality of navigation. The device is quite compatible with FM traffic as well as MSN Direct receiver. The market price of this device is about $534. 28.

TomTom Go 730

TomTom Go 730 is also a GPS device with good specs, though most of the noteworthy features are same as that of 930T device. However, the device is not designed with the feature of Enhanced Positioning Technology.

While the GPS cannot receive any kind of signal from the satellites, the Enhanced Positioning Technology is quite helpful in navigation system for a driver.

A notable feature of TomTom Go 730 is its iPod port that allows a user to plug in an iPod to this GPS device and can listen to some rocking music on-the-move. It can be connected to car’s audio system too.

So, car owners usually prefer this GPS device on long trips. The price of TomTom Go 730 is $261.34 on Amazon.

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