Birmot Aku Car Battery

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Birmot car batteries are the first class car batteries, and the company produces batteries for all kinds of vehicles. They use traditional casting methodology and expanded metal system to produce the auto batteries.
Birmot Aku Car Battery

The Ca-Ca alloy plates produced by the company have long life span and also have high start performance even at cold temperatures. Some of the advantages of the Birmot Aku auto batteries are that they’re durable, economical, made of expanded metal technology and hence they are long lasting too.

Birmot Aku is a subsidiary of Koc group, which was established in 1926 and it is the most respected and largest conglomerate. This company plays a major role in the development of private sector in Turkey and it has a total of 54,000 employees. This company produces car batteries as well as other king of batteries. The batteries produced by this company are trusted and these are used variedly in different sectors.

The Birmot car production company was established on 2nd July, 2001. Being the biggest manufacturer of batteries and spare parts, it has more than 100 clients. The company is based in Turkey.

As far as the batteries produced by the company are concerned, the expanded metal technology used in the production of auto batteries, helps prevent from corrosion, and as a result it gives quick start to the engine. The innovative technology used in the production of the battery enables it to last for a long time.

Based on the type of vehicle, the Birmot Aku Company produces and supplies all types of batteries. The power and type of type material in the production of the battery may vary based on the type of vehicle, like trucks, SUVs, compact cars etc.

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