Basics of Auto GPS

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For those who’re new to auto GPS systems, in general, two different kinds of auto GPS exists - one being the stand alone auto navigation system and the other being the PDA or PC based system. One need not pay anything for using the GPS satellites or the free GPS facility. But, many auto GPS systems involve monthly subscription charges.

Examples of such kind of GPS include satellite radio, real time weather reports and real time traffic system and more. Some of the navigation systems that come under the stand alone GPs include multi-purpose navigation system, advanced navigation system, fully loaded navigation system and entry level navigation systems. The auto GPSs of this kind do not require any internet or satellite connection, where as the PC or PDA based GPS systems need connection.

Stand Alone Auto GPS System

The stand alone auto GPS system comes with pre-loaded information for different regions. This auto GPS will also provide spoken turn directions along with visual prompts to any point or address that is added in the detailed maps.

Some of the good stand alone auto GPS systems include -

• Garmin Nuvi 205,
• Tom Tom One 140,
• Garmini Nuvi 205w, and
• Magellan Roadmate 1340
• Garmin Nuvi 880T

All stand alone auto GPS may have standard maps added into the GPS. Based on the location the GPS maps may vary. The stand alone auto GPS systems are more portable to carry and will include with voice enabled directions. Advanced navigation systems may have additional features like text to speech routing, Bluetooth technology, Mp3 players and real time traffic capability.

PC/PDA Auto GPS system

The PDA/PC based auto GPS systems like Garmin Mobile 10, Delorme Earthmate and Garmin GPS 10 deluxe will need a smartphone or Pc or PDA device to guide you. It will also need mapping software and GPS receiver, while the antenna will act as power source.

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