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The Michelin Cross Terrain SUV is an all-season tire made especially for the light trucks. These tires are mostly used by the American truck owners. This type of tire is a complementary for the sports vehicles used in America. The ride comfort and low noise tires of the luxury cars were the main aim behind the desire to make Cross Terrain SUV tires.

Cross Terrain SUV tire is specially made up of silica-enhanced tread compound, which is shaped in tread design and is helpful in various conditions like winter, wet and dry. The side-wall of the Cross Terrain SUV tire also helps in providing external beauty to the car and its special features bring down the overall car sound (noise), in comparison to the normal tires.

Even if the driver drives the car in a road covered with a light layer of snow, the confidence level of the driver will be high, due to the holding power of these tires. This is possible due to the interlocking full depth zigzag sipes included in the design of the car. The internal design of the Cross Terrain SUV tire includes the Michelin Bread Tension structure, a two-ply polyester cord body, and twin steel belts.

One of the other all-season ultra high performance tires is the Bridgestone Ptenza RE960AS Polo Position tire. This type of tire is specially designed for the high performance sports cars, sports coupes and sedans and comes for a long period of time.

Usage of this tire is good for the aggressive drivers, who drive cars in some of the most difficult situations. Even in light snow, the performance and comfort level is pretty good. The level of noise is also very low. The price of this tire is about $161.

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