Vast choices for VW TURBO 1.8T K03 REVO W/ECUTUNEDFLASHREGOBD2COILS at discount prices are available below. You can also browse the menu on the left for more VW TURBO 1.8T K03 REVO W/ECUTUNEDFLASHREGOBD2COILS choices or run the search.


Application : Golf, Jetta, Beetle 98-2005 180 HP versions only, and TT with 180 HP config also Quattro, not 225 HP. ( Special arrangements can be made for 150 HP series cars, please contact me directly )

This should be considered a KIT purchase. Below is what will be included and there are many details.

This is sold AS IS, No Returns, No warranty due to the nature of what this will be used for. It will be setup with a very aggressive, within correction factor ( Knock Control ) limits, preprogrammed setting, unless instructed otherwise.

Description : 1 x Turbo charger complete with inlet pipe for 1.8T  K03 KKK  With special hardware changes and heavy duty wastegate spring, items below contained.

Condition : New factory part Made in Germany Modified in USA.

4 x Coils BOLT DOWN TYPE  vs push in style are Hitachi  factory new, Made in Japan. ( I also have some coil harness over lay and repair ground enhancement kits for correcting the misfire problem for good.)

1 x Regulator 4 bar AFT, factory vendor made in USA.

1 x ECU/REMAN with core credit of 150 USD for yours, if you choose to return. Dispatched by mail in company check after your core is verified within 10 days . ( ECU programming stand not included )

Programming contained in ECU with REVO TECHNIK Stage 1 for 4 bar, all  readiness monitors for smog active. ( Which means this tune has no devices deleted, you must run your devices such as factory CAT etc. )

There is a huge advantage to keeping the smog monitors active so you can pass an IM emissions test with no issue, unlike what is currently going on in the industry with many chip tuners, and now they fail inspection.

I can't stress it more. You are so much better off with fixing things right.

1x REVO TECHNIK select + switch for table changes for timing and boost in many selections of fun config.

Adaptation will be active for use with tools such as Lemmiwinks tweaks for larger injectors or even custom attributes you would like to experiment with.

Immobilizer is to be deleted, so ecu is plug and play. Vin # and Immobilzer ID will not be displayed in channel 081 if your ECU supported.

4 x Bosch spark plugs with dual elctrode.


(  I recommend a use/purchase of a Genuine Ross-Tech VCDS interface for data logging. )

Auto-scans and data log reports, are to be authenticated, matched to this control unit, with a valid licensed version of VCDS, in order to obtain any support for custom changes.

I will not support pirate versions. However, with final purchase of this auction I will supply a 50 USD certificate towards a VCDS purchase or upgrade @ Ross-Tech. 

Special thanks and credit are to be given to Nick K, and Frank D, etc, for their expertise in the development, tuning, adjustment ability of the REVO product.


It is absolutely amazing !!!!! at how you can run clean, with so much power through the entire range. Not having to worry about not passing an inspection test.  You wont believe it till you see it, or feel it.

Shipping is only Fedex ground 1-5 day in continental US. @ $100.00 USD from a verified paypal address.  Direct signature required upon delivery.

In country bids only at this time sorry....

When making payment via Paypal please indicate the following for your application in message area. Required!

Year, Make, Model of your VW or Audi.

Immobilizer release form must be filled out returned via email to be on file. ( available upon request prior )

Stick 5 speed or 6, or Automatic 4 or 5 speed. 

Engine code if you know it and ECU part # you currently are using.

Coding of engine ECU if you have knowledge.


This information is very important when matching your config for your vehicle so no stupidity happens.


Any questions please email Jack directly here through contact member tab.

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