T3/T4 TO4E 50, Stg 3 .48 A/R Gart Clone Turbocharger

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Like New! Used less than 3,000 miles, Works Great! I'd just prefer the less aggressive power of a supercharger, this turbo spools fast and hits hard.

This IS NOT China junk, Power Master is a High Quality brand becoming well-known for making race proven, reliable, heavy duty turbos and components

POWER MASTER is ISO  9001:2000 Certified!  This certification guarantees the highest quality control, and proves this IS NOT JUNK, check it out.


Power Master Model F-9 ;  T3/T4, High Boost TO4E 48 Trim .50 A/R Compressor with Fast Spool T3, Stage 3, 83 Trim, .48 A/R Exhaust

Oil Cooled,  Journal Bearing,  5 Bolt (Ford) Outlet,  External Wastegate,  3" Inlet with 2" Outlet

Ideal for High Boost 2.0L - 2.5L Street Applications, ~ 350 whp @ 1.5 bar (real world), rated for up to 550hp


This Turbocharger includes the following High Performance features;

Swept Design 10 Blade Turbine with a "Fat Shaft"(0.40"-10.17mm) shaft size   

Extended Tip (84mm) compressor wheel for faster spool and increased air flow, like a Garrett 50 trim(76mm) vs. the famous Turbonetics Super 50 trim(82mm)

360 deg. Thrust Bearing

Internally Polished Compressor Housing (inlet and outlet)

More Details Below

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