Suzuki GSXR 750/1000 Street Turbo Kit

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Suzuki GSXR 750/1000 Stage 1 street turbo kit. This kit designed to produce 190-200HP on a stock engine and pump gas and stock fuel system. You will need a powercommder (not included) to install the fuel map included in turbo kit. Minimal trimming of body panels to install this kit. 90 day limited warranty on all parts. This is the last kit that I have..

Kit includes: Instructions, assembled turbo, exhaust dump pipe, fuel map, all tubing, clamps, oil lines, fittings, hoses, plenum, K&N filter and  blow off valve. Easy to install, just check your air/fuel settings on a dynamometer and your ready to go. You are responsible for correct installation and dyno tuning. The oil cooler is removed when using this turbo kit. Exhaust note is quite mellow to reduce unwanted attention… Every bike responds slightly different to these types of modifications, so the HP limit of this kit is determined by how well your bike’s fuel system works and the condition of your engine….Stage 1 kit is the only kit available.

Think about how cool it would be to have a 190-200HP GSXR750 that could outrun the newer GSXR1000’s.  If your riding an older GSXR1000, this is a quick and easy way to upgrade your power level. Why spend big money on high dollar exhaust systems to only gain about 10-15HP, when you get a real horsepower increase for a few dollars more…..

These kits are not for the beginner rider. These kits make incredible power even at half throttle, so caution and skill is required. You may want to consider a longer swingarm and airshifter after you feel the incredible power of this kit…This kit is designed for 2000-2002 GSXR750’s and 2001-2002 GSXR1000’s only.

I can install and tune your kit for additional $400.00 plus any additional parts. As with any new turbo installation I would suggest that you install new Suzuki exhaust gaskets, new oil and filter, one step colder spark plugs, ignition retard box if availible for your bike.  Note: NEVER use Iridium spark plugs in a turbo engine…

Call Mike for questions or appointment @ 937-266-3142


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