suzki gsxr 1100 turbo kit with motor,carrillo rods

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heres what we have going on..the pics are te parts beofre assembly. it is a 98 gsxr 1100 water cooled gsxr 1100 with new j.e. piston 1117 kit 9-1 commpression new bearingsthruout,super crank lightened and balanced rotating assembly carrillo rods..the bottom end is assembled and ready has cylinder studs,with nuts. dyna 2000 ignition brand new, stock head and cams need shimmed. But all that to say this, hahn race craft fuel injected turbo kit with progressive boost control new, with this deal you gonna get a laundry list of things.....the motor complete, the turbo kit complete with fuel injection,plenum,plumbing,boost control,cut down radiator with muzzy fan blade,dyna 2000, ape manual cam chain tensioner,tsubaki cam chain,ape cylinder suds with nuts, basically everything you need

to make this go in your bike an friggin fly..this was the kit they set the standing mile with back in the day...obviously the world has changed since then but this was the stuff back in the day,well this is new stuff so just a little builidng and your good to go, you can still get info from hahn racecraft on this kit. theres over 6500 worth of stuff in this deal.. my loss your any questions before you feedback bidders email before you bid...

you will need a few things to complete just nick nacks though clamp here etc..just small stuff.. clutch plates need to be new i don't have any with this,but everything else is there..

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