Honda Turbocharger Turbo Kit FMIC DIY Piping

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Honda Turbocharger Turbo Kit FMIC DIY Piping

Honda H23 H23A1 prelude BB2 t04E T04 T3 turbocharger turbo kit FMIC DIY piping. The most complete turbo package. This package has all new quality parts that are beyond 300 horsepower at 25+ PSI with supporting modifications and a built motor. The kit will create give the motor a 100-150 horsepower gain on a low boost setting of 8 PSI. included electronic turbo timer provides a hassle-free operation of precisely calculating the cool down period to ensure a proper cool down for your turbocharged motor. Works with either automatic or manual gearboxes. This kit may allow you to keep your air conditioning and power steering for a great street setup.
T04E Turbo Charger is capable of boosting horse power up to 300+ BHP. High quality material, cast housing with durable steel, 4 bolt exhaust flange, standard T3 5 bolt downpipes flange pattern. Intake inlet & outlet: 3" & 2".

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