HKS Type 0 turbo timer

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HKS HKS type 0 turbo timer.  Came  as a bonus with  my 944 turbo but I  never installed. Could not find Porsche instructions.Has  ECU instructions for  older models RX-7 twin turbo,3000GT, talon,eclipse  300ZX,conquest, starion,mirage,supra,celica,mr-2.This would be a good deal for someone who is familiar with installing these.Unit keeps car running after ignition turned off so turbo can cool down,extending turbo life.. Sold as is very cheap as I cannot use it.To make installation easier you can contact HKS to get a  turbo timer harness.

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hks ssqv sqv car turbo pull type blow off valve bov with adapter universal black, pen style programmable led digital display air fuel turbo timer kit black,
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