Gart GTX35R Rx7 Turbo Kit

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Gart  Hand built in house turbo systems tailored to your needs for your 1993-1995 Mazda Rx-7. We have units in stock ready to be shipped, just pick your turbo for your desired power level/intended use of the vehicle and we will send a very well built turbo system. Key Features; Garrett BB turbos, Hardlined coolant/oil feed lines, divided turbo manifolds, heat management coatings/heat shields, 3.5"/4" downpipes.

This auction if for a high powered, quick spooling street system, aimed at 450-500rwhp. The Turbo is Garrett GTX3582R, waste-gate is a Tial 44MVR. Manifold is coated fully divided unit, all the way up the waste-gate valve. Downpipe is a coated 3.5" vband setup. As usual hard lined coolant oil and feed lines. NO intake is included. Midpipe will have to be mated to your current exhaust on your vehicle, will not bolt up. Reducer and flanges will be supplied. All necessary hardware/gaskets are included. Look us up on the web for more information; Turblown Engineering

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