Gart gt35r dual ball bearing turbo

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Garrett GT35r Bearing Turbo   w/ .82ar Vband option for t3 frame manifolds… List for $1436.. When i bought from

-Wheel: 68mm w/ 84 trim
-Housing: .82 ar

-Wheel: 82mm w/ 56 trim
-Housing: .70 ar

This turbo was used only for dyno testing and was never used to on the street/strip. It is like brand new and i will include the oil restrictor fitting, as well as the water lines and fitting and block water adapter .. Buy it with confidence i do not and would never sell a car part that doesnt function correctly because i would want that to happen to me.. Basically good karma goes along way!! I will help with any questions you may have.. There is no warrenty written or implied, part is sold as is.. But Bid with confidence .. If you want a short video of the turbo for shaft play , see the wheel spin etc email me your cell or email adderess and i will send one.. Thank you once again..

I included the dyno results .. This was on my stock sleeved 81.5mm bore with eagle rods and ross pistons, ls crank. Gsr head with rev valve train , itr cams..

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