Ford Turbo Powerstroke 6.0L Turbocharger 0407 Stage 1

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Upgraded turbo for 2004.5-2007 6.0L Ford Powerstroke.  Modified Authentic Garrett Turbocharger

Compressor wheel has been upgraded to larger 61mm inducer (stock ~57mm) wheel for more power and performance.  Supports upto 450+ hp with proper mods

polished comp cover upon request only lead time usually 4 business days

VGT solenoid included as shown in pic

Clearing port has been machined into the housing to reduce chances of sticking vanes

6 month limited warranty to original buyer for defects in the turbocharger. warranty will not be honored if damaged due to engine failure and external sources (i.e. oil starvation debris in intake,exhaust) and will not cover if signs of tampering with the turbocharger and or racing abuse(i.e. excessive boost pressure, extreme heat,dirty oil) 


A prepaid return label will be supplied upon request for a core return and 125$ back to you via paypal if we recive a core back within 30 days

No core required to buy, core req only for $125 credit

addtional 30$ shipping for AK,HI and PR buyers will be added at the checkout

CA resident buyers pay a 8.75% tax rate

any questions feel free to ask



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