Blitz Fatt Full Auto Turbo Timer Digital DC IV

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Blitz Product DescriptionThe BLITZ FATT (Full Auto Turbo Timer) DC IV features the same unique two-piece design as the DC III's but with a LED back lit screen. Just like our other turbo timers, the compact face design allows the face unit to be virtually mounted anywhere in the vehicle. The FATT DC IV is only available in black.


1. Highly visible large liquid crystal display with bar graph.
2. New “Dual Full Auto mode” is employed to calculate the appropriate idle time.
3. Lap timer (Stop watch) function, convenient for race track usage.
4. Battery voltage/temperature display function is built-in.
5. Safety circuit with side brake switch. 6. Able to change the backlight LED brightness.
7. Able to choose four types of displays.
8. Engine stall-proof function is built-in.
9. Incredibly small in size, height 26mm, width 86mm, and depth 16mm.

Brand new still in box!! it was shipped from japan so directions and box is in Japanese but all details can be found at and you can download the manual in English.  ask questions if have any.

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