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Brandnew direct bolt on complete turn-key ready, 93+ rx-7 single turbo kit. this kit is built to be installed with only six bolts and very,very little down time (4-6hours depending on experience) your FD will be making boost the same day you install it.
So, if you own an RX7 and its constantly in the shop like mine was with faulty solenoids and hardened vacuum lines, this single turbo kit will fix all your boost problems PERIOD !! I can say that 99% of my friends who own the fd agree with me about the "rats nest" of how cumbersome it is to deal with so many vacuum lines when trouble shooting a boost issue, so if you own a fd then you know what i am talking about.


Why pay retail to fix that boost problem on your rx-7. kits tend to cost in the upwords of $5900.00 to $6400.00 for a single turbo complete kit like this one. My kits are turnkey ready, right out of the box at almost half of there cost, plus my shipping is only $105.00 to you anywhere in the lower 48 states, bare with me but shipping to AK,HI,and PR is alittle higher at $148.00. I also do offer shipping to you any where on the globe just shot me an email me for a shipping quote. shipments are shipped with a full tracking number. The average cost to ship overseas is approx $260.00 or so. Overseas shipments tend to take approx 7-11 days to your front door (depends on your country customs dept for clearing).

This is a full complete kit that will not only make your RX7 a beast again, but fun to drive as a daily driver. Going single turbo is the most simplistic way to make your RX7 as reliable as it was when it was brand new,when there where no boost problems. One of the reason going single turbo makes it more reliable is that, my kits only need "THREE" vaccum lines to make this full kit build insane boost. If you own an RX7 then you know, you should always have boost, all the time. This single turbo kit is built to handle up to 40psi of boost (which is some insane power) that's right at 600hp to the rear wheels. This full kit is also built to run with the stock rx-7 fuel setup. The stock setup will still push right at ~395hp at 14.7 psi safely. Your stock two bar map sensor will not allow any more boost, which its max's out at 14.7psi. Just for comparison, the stock twin turbo setup will push 215hp to the wheels and 255hp to the flywheel which is setup at 8~10 psi "WHEN IT WORKS". With the calculations stated above, this single turbo kit with the stock fuel system will add an upwords of 120hp~130hp to your FD everyday,everytime and that's at only 14~15 psi of boost which again that's right below the 400hp mark. Now imagine how more power you can pull out of this kit with an upgraded fuel setup. The T66 turbonetices turbo will flow 66lbs min of airflow volume and will boost a "reliable 15psi" of boost as fast as 2900rpm's for you everyday but this insane turbo can and will handle boost as high as 40psi ~ (650hp). The t66 turbonetics turbo spools hard and as very fast almost as fast as the stock sequential twins on a stock rx7 when it was new. This single turbo conversion kit is perfect for daily driving, but if you feel an itch to turn up the power, then simply turn up the boost and this kit will hit the 650hp mark. With that much power you won't be able to keep in one lane at lanch, so it kind of takes the fun out of it, well for me anyway.

Like i mentioned I include the complete turnkey ready setup which is already 95% put together straight out of the box, which means no assembly required when you recieve it, just add the oil lines and intake pipe and of course add all three vacuum lines, yes all three of them and your done. Remember i do included everything needed to do a complete swap from your stock twins to this single turbo setup.

The kit will include everything new :
- Turbonetics T66 Ball Bearing t4 Turbo w/polish front housing (rated 600hp)

- Turbonetics Stainless steel 3"inch v-band clamp
- Turbonetics oil feed restrictor fitting

- Goodyear oil feed line in stainless steel (hi-temp,hi press)
- Goodyear oil return line also in stainless steel (hi-temp,hi press)
- Stainless steel high flow racing manifold (rated 600hp)
- HKS 50mm race 750hp style wastegate
- Greddy type style blow off valve
- 100K mile 4" high-flow race air filter (blue) life-time
- 3" inch all mandrel bend downpipe with dumptube routed back in to it
- Downpipe includes a 2000 degree ceramic coat, plus has an 02 bung just like the stock setup, warranty for as long as you own your rotory
- 2.5" inch u-bend intercooler intake pipe with greddy flange
- Turbonetics Turbo oil inlet fitting
- Turbo oil return complete kit- brass fitting, flange with gasket
- Rotory block oil feed fitting (stock-oil feed line)

- Turbonetics T4 gasket (stainless steel)
- Simple step by step instructions with pictures for a very easy and simple install
- Full technical support via email or phone.

With two FD's owned in the past decade and still a owner of one. I have one pushing well over 420hp to the wheels which is 500hp to the flywheel. That said, I know what it is, to turn one of the most respected sports cars in the world into a full blown beast.

Allow me to further elaborate on the items you will be getting in detail with the kit.

- Polished compressor housing
- 4" inch huge air intake
- Ball bearing
- Oil cooled center section
- Oil intake turbonetics restrictor,keeps oil seals from bursting,under extreme high boost
- Patent oil retainer,which makes it 50% more reliable then other turbo's
- Billet aluminum back plate
- 3" inch exhaust discharge to downpipe (full 3"race outlet)
- VSR high speed race balance, tag to verify is included
- Large heavy duty p-trim
- T4 housing, allows faster exhaust flow, for much faster spool,perfect for the rotory
- Hot side turbine .81, spools very quick and very hard
- Compressor cold side is .7, faster boost responce
- F1 High Flow 66 turbine compressor wheel
- 40psi rated 650hp
- One year no hassle warranty, even if you blow it at the track
- Turbonetics, "need i say more".

New Stainless steel racing manifold with 1/2 inch flanges. This heavy duty,never rust stainless steel manifold will more than handle the extra 300 degree of heat that the rotary puts out over a piston engine. (rated at 600hp)

50mm HKS style racing wastegate made from die cast mounting base structures and valve seats. Along with fully sealed shafts, high temp
diaphragms and of course uses a 50mm valve to support up to a 750hp application.
Wastegate has a 12psi spring which is perfect for the fd. One year no hassle warranty.

New Greddy style blow off valve with adjustable spring boost release to adjust to any kind of horsepower you are shooting for. Whether its 250hp or 600hp, this blow off valve is more than ready to handle the task and is made to adjust to your level of power. Gaskets, T-fittings and vacuum lines are also all included.

3" all mandrel bend downpipe, engineered to allow max exhaust flow. This in turn adds more torque and horsepower (8~10hp),and the mandrel bend flows 33% faster exhaust flow over a section bent downpipe. The downpipe has a 2000-degree ceramic coat to keep the under hood temps down. In addition, the downpipe has been fabricated to dump the wastegate back into it, which in turn you the owner does not have to hear the extremely load exhaust dump sound when it opens. Downpipe is all tig welded for high quality, plus has a 1/2" flange for maximum durability. This downpipe setup is made to mate up to any stock 3rd gen or any aftermarket exhaust setup in the market.

Note: as a option on this downpipe, i can add a 2nd bung for those fd owners who demand it for a lambda or a windband for only 20.00 and i can also add a egt fitting for 20.00 but please allow upto 48hrs for any options.
as a another option i can also coat the hotside of the turbo for 40.00, this option will not allow the hotside of the turbo to rust, adding a great look under the hood. please add these options to your invoice while checking out or if you need any help in any way please email me anytime.

filter has a concave conical end cap race design which increases the velocity of air intake by 47% percent, better then a comparable size filter, which in turn improves throttle responce. filter is oil base which is design to last up to 100k miles and can be clean and recharge anytime. i also included an extra bottle of recharge oil. Filter will also add about 6~8 horse power on a stock rotory and much more on a race ported tunned rotory.

please note .........
the pulley kit is a option with this kit due to this special price. if you would like to add it then cost will be 100.00 with free shipping. please add this amount in the check out page. (pulley set is on the picture but is not included).

As I have mentioned before, this kit is a direct bolt-on with only six bolts to install, it really does not get any easier than this. The most important thing in your FD is "BOOST" = "PSI" and with this kit, you will "always" have it, every day and every time you demand it. No more crossing your fingers or hoping if your FD will boost or not. I myself have owned a couple of RX7's in the last decade, so I am a veteran owner and speaking from experience.

Warranty Info:

turbonetics does offer a one year no hassle warranty on the turbo plus the wastegate also comes with a one year warranty also, both, are covered even if you blow them at "the track". I have been in service for six years and have been useing turbonetics for three years now and still have "not" had to use either of there warranty.

Also don't spend your hard earned money on "partial kits" like 99% of all other kits, my kits are complete with everything needed for a turn-key install right out of the box. Your rx-7 will be up and boosting the same day you install it.

Paypal preferred but checks are always welcome. Please contact me within 24hrs for payment arrangement.

Please Note: If insurance is NOT purchased there will be no replacement offered or implied if the item is lost, damaged, misdirected, etc. Just to give you an ideal usps has never lost any of my kits in six years. now, every now and then they sometimes they take longer then normal but have been a great shipping company, fedex and ups cost right at twice as much for the same service, this is why i use usps so we both can save money on shipping.

F.Y.I , i am paypal verified (bank and address) and have been for six years and have over six hundred positive feedbacks here with ebay so buy with confidence. I have been here for the past six years and will be right here tomorrow.

Once again, thank you for your interest and please as always email me or call me 210-779-4465 anytime between 10am to 6pm cst, u.s.a. time, with questions or email 24-7 at [email protected] . I do try to return emails within one hour and i also do check my emails on weekends from time to time thru out the day.


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