4″ Bent Tip Black Ceramic Exhaust Muffler 2.5″ Inlet

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You are bidding/buying on 100% Brand New of:

4" Bent Titanium Burnt Tip Stainless Steel Exhaust Muffler w/ 2.5" Inlet
COMPATIBILITY:Due to the installation an extra piping is required for installation and will be charged by the mechanic or installer. We also do not provide extra piping for this item.

Compatible on all vehicles with standard 2.5" piping. (Piping that's between 2.25" ~ 2.75" will be compatible)
*** For more detailed compatibility list, please click on "Compatibility tab" on the top of this page, even if your vehicle is not in the list, but it has a 2.5" piping, it will fit your vehicle.


1 x Exhaust muffler

Bent titanium burnt tip style
Body is made from high quality T-304 stainless steel
Provides deep and smooth tone
Gives your vehicle a better air flow and performance
Increase additional 5-10 horsepower

Tip diameter: 4"
Tip length: 5"
Inlet length: 2.5"
Inlet diameter: 2.5"
Body diameter: 5"
Body length: 12"
Total length: 20"

THIS MUFFLER REQUIRES PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION AND MODIFICATION. You need to cut off your original muffler and weld on the new muffler. Please measure the diameter of your piping before purchasing, it can't be too off from 2.5". If you have a turbo or V6 vehicle and your piping is 3", we carry mufflers with 3" inlet.

All items are Brand New unless stated otherwise on the listing. We sell DIY (Do It Yourself) Items with a few exceptions. We take no responsibility in teaching you how to install. Professional installation is strongly recommended.


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