Low Gas Prices Give Ultra-Sporty SUV Second Chance

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The current state of the economy had a big impact on almost all categories of vehicles, and large vehicles have taken an especially hard hit. However, with the recent decline in gas prices, add to that auto manufacturers employee pricing and bigger incentives we have a good formula for great SUV market. When gas prices hit a high of almost $ 4, many traded in their SUV for more fuel-efficient cars, and sales from SUVs dropped as much as 68 %. Now that gas prices are lower beyond belief, SUV sales are starting to climb once again. And the winner is ultra-sporty ones that have become a segment within a segment. These are Ultra-Sporty Sport Utility Vehicles That made it to the list:

Cayenne GTS

with over 400 horsepower V8 with a 6-speed manual transmission.


Infiniti FX

The reason for the sales pick in ultra-sporty SUV is in a tight race of horsepower and handling. Ultra-sporty SUV might not be the most useful choice but for driving enthusiast they are the one.

Do you buy a high-end SUV if the gas prices further declined or this would be a bad choice since there are no guarantees that the gas prices will stay so low?

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