Porsche Cayenne GTS: The Best Performing On-Road Roadster

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Porsche unveiled Cayenne GTS model at the Chicago Auto Show to give something hot to the folks during the cold days of winter.
This model offered one of the best on-road characteristics by any Porsche Cayenne model ever produced. The company has formulated, designed, tweaked as well as thoroughly tested the GTS model, in order to get the best results.

The Cayenne GTS is offered with a 4.8 litreV8 engine, which generates a performance output of 405 hp. This model is offered with also an automatic triptonic S transmission system. In order to provide full advantage of suspension system as well as the high power performance of the vehicle, it is also offered with a V8 engine with a 6-speed manual transmission system.

The 21 inch alloy rims along with R21 tires and air suspension system provide required power to the GTS model. Moreover, the suspension system in this car is famous as Porsche Active Suspension Management or PASM.

The Cayenne GTS model has a lower stance with a striking architectural design. The interior as well as exterior parts of the model are well equipped with the advanced design features and seat arrangements to get a sportier look.

The Cayenne GTS model was included in the list of high selling SUV, as about 200,000th Porsche Cayenne GTS model was sold out in Germany last year. The great success rate commenced with the introduction of GTS model since 2003, when the models were debuted in North America.

In US, the total sales of Porsche cars in 2006 was about 34, 227 but it increased to 34,693 units in the year 2007.

Porsche also became quite famous as one of the best sports car company to build and sell SUV models. Earlier in 2007, Porsche had a record breaking sales figures, but during last year, the figures grew bigger and better with 13,370 Porsche Cayenne units being sold totally. This was a grand success and another record breaking sale following the 2007 season.

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