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With the petrol and diesel prices sky rocketing, the need of the hour is indeed the eco-friendly solution like solar and the electric vehicles. The markets are nowadays being flooded by the electric bikes and the solar panel cars.

A new addition to this is the two person electric roadster that is best suited for the errands or to commute locally for buying the groceries and other essential commodities.

These vehicles fall under the classification of low speed vehicles and their speed is very limited and they fall under 25 miles per hour and you can never expect a speed more than it.

Unlike the other usual cars, it is equipped with an alternating current AC electric motor that can provide you up to 4,000 watts of power. This power is produced by the six powerful lead acid batteries, aimed at providing more emphasis on safety features.

You can achieve a maximum power of about 25 mph by this car for a distance of up to 60 miles. Once you exceed this limit, you need to recharge the vehicle to mobilize it.

This 2-seater car is therefore a new addition the present automobile market and those parents who wish to gift their children a car for the next academic year, but are not ready to let them risk drive the speedy ones, can always keep this 4000 watt roadster into consideration.

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