Top 5 Causes Of Car Engine Problems

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ndian automobile industry is dominated with a wide variety of car models. These car models falls in various different categories based upon the size, body structure, price and even the type of car engines.

Old and new cars running on Indian roads have different engine specifications. Apart from differentiating between petrol, diesel and electric engines, Indian cars are also outfitted with engines that have their own authenticity and uniqueness. Some of the most common and popular unique engine types are Hyundai’s kappa engine and Maruti Suzuki’s K series engine.

Though the engines differ in their specifications, they face the common problems and troubles. Car engine problems need special observation and care to maintain the engine performance and effectiveness. There are ways that are helpful to sort out engine problems but only when the causes of car engine problems are known.

Here are top 5 causes of car engine problems:

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