Car Engine Modifications

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Car engine is believed to be the heart of a car. Today, with the increasing numbers of cars, Indian car market also comprises a variety of engines with unique specifications and characteristics. These car engines can be modified or altered to boost engine performance and enhance fuel efficiency.

Here are some of the best tips on car engine modifications:

• The best way to get better power and performance from the car engine is to increase engine displacement. This can effectively be done by increasing the size of the cylinders or by adding more numbers of cylinders to the equipped engine.

• Increase the engine’s compression ratio by fueling the engine by higher octane gasolines. This kind of gasoline helps to compress the fuel mixture and results in early combustion, which thereby produces more power.

• Fix in an intercooler so that the compressed air gets cool before it’s enter the engine’s cylinder. This will help in expansion of air during combustion, delivering more power and performance.

• Improve air flow to the cylinder and out of the cylinder because air resistance can reduce power. The air intake as well as exhaust should not be influenced by any kind of resistance. This can be done by placing two intake valves and exhaust valves in the cylinder. The intake flow can also be improved by adding big air filters to the engine and the exhaust can be improved by adding big exhaust pipes and flowing mufflers.

• Replace heavy components and parts of the engine. Lighter the engine components better is the engine performance. Every time when the piston moves to change its direction it uses the energy from the engine and eventually reduces the power. In such a case, a lighter weight piston will be beneficial as it will absorb less power.

• Fuel injection helps to precise metering of fuel to each of the engine’s cylinder. This helps to boost performance and improve fuel efficiency.

• Optimize the timings of the valve to have better burning efficiency. This will improve production of power and can be done by modifying the camshaft.

• Chip tuning also helps in delivering more power. Most of the new cars are loaded with advanced engine that deliver higher power. Chip tuning in association with the engine management system reduces the excessive power to make the engine operate smoothly and with better performance. This is also known as de-tuning.

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