Join 2 Smart Cars And Make A Double-Decker

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Some people never run out of good ideas and it is true that some crazy ideas end-up being ingenious inventions. This video is really inspiring for a future where all cars are modular Lego-like, you can join two cars together or even 3 car modules in any different combination according to your passenger requirement or unexpected change in cargo weight or volume needs. Furthermore, if only these modular cars, each with its own engine, could join their engine output for more horsepower with respect to their weight, the result would be phenomenal. This kind of Lego-like concept vehicles could not only rise up for any occasion and needs they will also be fuel efficient. The flexibility in having on demand engine power will result in reduced fuel consumption and tell me this is not efficiency in action. Ok maybe I'm dreaming, what do you think about modular concept cars are they practical?

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