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These days Honda and its subsidiary Acura have been in some serious action, as Honda recently announced the next generation Advanced Concept Car at the Geneva auto show.

The shape of the Advanced Sedan concept car was not really appreciated by all the critics and some of them refer it to be good for submarines or sea-ships.

As a matter of fact, some of them strongly believe that there's a high level of similarity between the Acura's latest Advanced Sedan Concept and a giant ship.

However, looking at its powerful specs, you'll not find much to complain about in terms of performance. But, the million dollar question still remains unanswered - when will Acura really incorporate the V8 engines into their top end luxury vehicles?

As per the sales and marketing team of the company, Acura cars have been only competiting with 6 competitors in the market, while the rest of them happen to be totally off-their spotlight in terms of competition.

This strategy has been one of the biggest downsides that has limited the success of Acura cars to a big extent. Moreover, they've never entered the German market in realistic terms.

Finally, it seems that Acura has learnt the things, though it might have been the harder way. Sure thing, we're not sure whether we'll find the V8 engine of this advanced sedan, when it hits the market, but you can be rest assured about the fact that it will increase their number of rivals in the market.

As far as pricing is concerned, Honda is busy in negotiating about the payment terms with those who're planning to join hands, in creating a master-piece. The presence of V8 engine would be the most decisive factor that would affect the pricing to a great extent.

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