A three wheeler car from the house of Carlsbad Aptera motors!

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The Aptera is a hi-tech car possessing the looks of an aero vehicle. This car can be aptly named as the car of 2050, as its looks are so very futuristic. The California Company Carlsbad Aptera motors is developing this and it is expected to hit the markets by the end of this year.

What makes this car even funkier is the fact that it has only one wheel in the rear. Some of the interesting features of the car are
• The doors open upwards and not outwards.
• Rear view cameras are present.
• Highly energy efficient: Gives 120 miles before recharging and the hybrid variant will give fuel-economy of 300 mpg.
• Maximum efficiency is achieved by interior and exterior LED lights.
• The AC of the car is powered by the solar cell present in the roof top. It also powers the battery.
• Heavy metals were not used in dash boards and panels.
• Flooring, seat, door and overhead fabrics were made out of recycled material.

And the happy news doesn't really end with all that. For the first 400 people placing the order of this vehicle, it will be made available at a price of just $25,000.

All the tech geeks and auto enthusiasts are waiting eagerly to know more about its release. What was seen in science fiction movies and what was dreamt as a sci-fi car will soon hit the roads.

Some of the critics even strongly believe that it may become the most preferred mode of transportation in the upcoming times too.

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