Nuvi 205: An economical yet effective Auto GPS system!

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An auto GPS system usually costs more than $200-$250 on most occasions, but here's a good option that costs way under the $200 mark. Yes, you guessed it right, we're talking about the Garmin nuvi 205, which is the successor of the Nuvi 200, which was a big hit in the past.

Don't be disguised by taking a look at its affordable price tag of just $165 because the Garmin nĂ¼vi 205 is definitely one of those low-on-functionality GPS systems, which don't give you true value for your money.

It comes with several handy options like the "Where am I" feature that speficies the current location of the user, along with relevant landmarks such as closest intersection, hospital, gas station etc. The Nuvi 200 (relatively costlier) was pretty successful in the market, and featuring all the capabilities of the predecessor, the Nuvi 205 is expected to do even better in the market.

Additionally, you may also opt for a traffic receiver, and get regular traffic updates, apart from taking photographs of your destination and navigating towards the same.

As per the critics, the Nuvi 205 navigates a lot faster than the Nuvi 200, and it faces off well against the relatively expensive options in the market like the Garmin nuvi 265WT and the Nuvi 760.

It is highly intuitive, though you can not expect too much at just $165. The Nuvi 205 lacks text-to-speech option that reads out the street names. In Nuvi all that you get are simple instructions like "turn left in 200 feet" and it is quite reasonable as most of the inexpensive GPS units provide the text-to-speech option!

If you're looking out for an economical auto GPS option, the Nuvi 205 is indeed the best bet considering all the current options available in the market.

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