Auto Music System Review: the BMS

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The Windows based multi-zone BMS announcement and music system is produced mainly for the hotels, retail stores, casinos and for other types of requirements like in-store messaging and background music systems. The music is delivered based on the day part scheduling, rotation rates, zoning and live or pre-recorded announcements and several more. But, the BMS also serves as a great auto music system for the high end cars too.

The features in the BMS include automatically loading of music tracks from the CDs, automatic selection of music and mixing according to the day part schedule. You can set rotation rates, and the device supports mp3 and wav file formats, supports access to download new music from online, automatic playing optional recorded announcements along with the user play announcements that are to be operated manually, micro phone provided as an optional feature with automatic sound fade whenever the page of the microphone is activated or when played. It also checks the validity of day, time and date of the week announcement and music tracks, and automatic update of time.

The other features in the BMS include the likes of password protection facility provided as add-on and this can be set whenever there is a need to restrict some functions to access, adjustable announcement or music volume balance, and digital signal processor.

The digital signal processor in the BMS is included with the active EQ and dynamic range compressor in order to produce good quality sound. The system when compared with its predecessor model comes with new features and some of the changes in the internal engine. For installation, it needs at least Pentium 233 MHz processor or above.

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