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Transmission in automobiles is a system of parts connecting the engine to the wheels. Suitable torque or turning force is generated by the engine only within a narrow range of engine speeds i.e., rates at which the crankshaft is turning. However, the wheels must turn with suitable torque over a wide range of speeds. While its speed is held roughly constant, the engine turns an input shaft on the transmission whose output shaft can be adjusted to turn the wheels at an appropriate speed.

Majority of the car manufacturers use interchangeable transmissions in different models, and often different manufacturers use the same transmission in their respective products. Today, an automatic transmission becomes more reliable but it is still most-easy-to-break and costly to repair part of the vehicle. The transmission is very sensitive part of the car so if it is used roughly, it will destroyed easily.

Improper fluid type can also damage the transmission. Before buying a used car, one of the most important parts that customer must check is its transmission. It is really a must that he/ she will do the full inspection before taking the final decision about the car.

 If car starts responding strangely and start hearing strange sounds while driving then the car repair is necessary so take it for diagnostic check up and hoping that the problem is simple and inexpensive to fix.

A trustworthy professional automotive mechanic will immediately warn against replacing the auto transmission with just any used car transmission. And customer has no way of knowing how bad it had been used by the previous owner or what defects it has until.  

Most of general transmission service provider will replace a bad transmission system with one that has been professionally rebuilt by expert who is specialized in auto transmissions, and charge the customer with higher cost but providing the low quality transmission system.

Transmission911 based in Houston, Texas has fully trained transmission experts who have years of experience in transmission replacement and transmission installation. Transmission911 gives access to communicate with trained professional who will make sure that customer gets the right transmission replacement.

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