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I came across this guide to car rental today and felt I should set the record straight on some of the issues raised as it was misleading (just like my title, no sex here I'm afraid).

RUMOUR: You probably won't get the car you booked.

TRUTH: Rental companies do not guarantee specific models - we cannot guarantee you will get a Hyundai Getz 1.5L for example, but if you pay for an economy car, manual transmission with air conditioning - you will get an economy car, manual with air conditioning (unless of course you get an upgrade!). Our reservations are based on car SIPP codes, vehicles are given as examples only.

TIP: Book based on SIPP code, not actual vehicle. Peugeot Leasing is an exception - models ARE guaranteed.

RUMOUR: It's likely you've paid too much.

TRUTH: Walking off the street to pick up a car in a foreign country, you probably will pay more. Book before you go to ensure the best possible price and remember to compare like with like when researching prices. Look closely at what the price includes, what is extra and how much the extras will cost. Often, an all inclusive rate may appear more expensive but can save you money as there is no more to pay when you pick up the car.RUMOUR: Your "fully-inclusive deal" won't be as comprehensive as it sounds.

TRUTH: An Insurance Excess is applicable in the event of any accident or theft to the rental vehicle, regardless of fault. The Excess amount varies between countries and car group. The additional insurance offered by the car rental company is optional and is charged per day on top of an inclusive rate. Read more about insurance excess here.TIP: You may be covered through your own insurance so double check before you book.RUMOUR: You may face hefty add-ons.TRUTH: There are some extras that will be added on to your bill e.g. children's seats, additional drivers, young driver surcharges and GPS units may be charged separately and on a daily basis, which can add up, especially if it is a long trip. You should be made aware of these charges before you agree to anything, so be aware of how much exactly you have to pay.TIP: Always ask what the extra charges will be before you agree to them.RUMOUR: Breaking down could be a disaster.TRUTH: Not when you book with DriveAway! Our rates all include 24 hour roadside assistance. We also have 24/7 customer service with a toll free number from across the globe so you can speak to someone (in English) no matter where you are.TIP: Book with a reputable company who have a number you can call in the case of an emergency.RUMOUR: You could be stung by cancellation penalties.TRUTH: Not at DriveAway! We do not charge amendment or cancellation fees on car hire.TIP: Always check at the time of booking if there are cancellation fees in case of an emergency. Sometimes it can be as much as the price of the rental if it is within a short time frame.

Always read your inclusions very carefully when you book a rental car (DriveAway list the inclusions with each vehicle during the booking process online and our reservations consultants will inform you of these if you book over the phone). Terms, conditions and costs all vary depending on the supplier and location. Remember to read your rental agreement carefully before signing it.

Holidays are precious. Researching and organising your car rental before you go can save you headaches and money.

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