Protect Yourself against the Dangers of Fake Car Parts

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A report from BBC news warns us against the dangers of fake car parts. Reportedly, the British Institute of Trading Standards (ITS) declared that the counterfeit car parts industry in the UK is now worth as much as three billion pounds and has extended even to the United States and other countries. It is expected to grow even more and at a faster rate worldwide especially with the current growth of the car industry. In India, only eight in every one thousand people are car owners but two million cars are projected to sell in 2010. This is expected to further fuel the fake car parts industry.Among the commonly faked car parts are interior accessories, wipers, spark plugs, air filters, steering linkages, brake shoes and brake pads. There was even an account of a brake shoe created only from compressed grass and a bogus wheel that caused an accident. Substandard metals used in parts are vulnerable to shearing. Authorities are concerned over the safety issue. Investigations have shown that phony car parts are usually manufactured in the former USSR, Poland and other countries in the eastern bloc, as well as the Far East. They are then shipped internationally. The British ITS is planning to partner with original parts manufacturers to crack down on these counterfeit rings with industrial spies.The major reason why many consumers are lured into buying fake car parts is price. They are sold at prices that are forty to seventy percent lower than the market rate of original parts and are often available from roadside garages. Even the better auto shops may be fooled into buying fake car parts to resell, though, since these parts are often packaged as original equipment. To sniff out fakes, look out for low quality printing in the packaging and misspelled words. Also be wary of discount sales. Sometimes these are mere cover-ups for selling counterfeit car parts. Contact your car manufacturer and ask for guidelines in checking for the proper components and other authentication procedures for genuine car parts and accessories. It would be best to get your car parts only from an authorized dealer of original car parts manufacturers. The parts may be more expensive but they have full warranties, you are assured of quality and the dealer will be able to give you proper tips on use and maintenance.  When your vehicle needs auto repair or truck repair, whether for engine repair, truck and car transmission system repair or replacement, make sure you bring it to an automotive shop that is an authorized dealer of reputable car parts such as AC Delco. That way, you’re sure that any car parts put in your car are genuine.If you intend to buy a second hand vehicle, make sure you bring it to a reputable automotive shop, too, for auto inspection. It would be best if the automotive shop is also an authorized dealer of genuine car parts so that you know that they have integrity. Ask the mechanic to check all car parts for authenticity. If you decide to buy the vehicle, always take it to the same shop for maintenance and repair. Find yourself such an automotive shop in Tampa and you’ll be safe from fake car parts. Whenever you take your car in, even just for simple auto oil change, you’ll feel confident.Remember, it’s not worth it to scrimp on your car parts. In exchange for a few dollars in savings, this puts you, your family and other people on the road at great risk. Not only will you end up losing even more money, you may end up losing what is most valuable – your own life, the life of the people you love, and the life of other innocent people.

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