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Those who own a car, will know that it has to be maintained with periodic check-ups, if it has to run smoothly. Otherwise you might find yourself standard on the road as your car would have developed problems, and refuses to move. This can be because of a flat tire, or because petrol is over, or it most common reason can be because of car transmission failure. The transmission is an important part of your like the engine and it makes the car move forward and backward. This situation is not only embarrassing, but irritating too.Sometimes, you will experience slippage of the gear , or when you change the gear, the car lurches forward, or sometimes the gear does not work properly. These are some of the symptoms of transmission failure of your car. Anther symptoms is the leakage of the transmission fluid. Always check there is leakage where your car is parked or when the car is moving and if you find any leakage, get it fixed immediately. The color of the fluid will also tell you whether there is a problem in the transmission. If it is red or light brown, there is nothing to worry, but if it is black or dark brown and murky, then you are in for problems. If you find any of these symptoms, you need to take your car service center. If your car stops without being able to move, it means that your are experiencing automatic transmission, in which case it can either be repaired or if it is a major problem, the transmission may have to be replaced. The transmission repairs Portland will be able to advise you.If your are living in Portland and your car develops any of these problems, there are quite a number of  transmission services in Portland to help you and give you the best of service. If you find yourself standard on the road, immediately call CR transmissions, the best transmission service in Portland. Their Portland transmission services includes quite a lot facilities like free diagnosis, free towing, installing new transmission, or transmission rebuilds and many more.Some of the transmissions in Portland are Transmedic Transmission, Transmission Specialists, Marty's transmission, Larry & Sons Transmission Shop, Aamco Transmissions, Division Transmission, Guaranteed Transmission etc. Transmission rebuild Portland Oregon, rebuilds your transmission for your car and saves you the money from installing a new one.Check your transmission regularly and maintain your car transmission, so that you don't face any problem.

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