Advantages of Automatic Transmissions

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Even though now manual transmissions are more popular than automatic transmissions, the latter ones have become important competitors of the former transmissions, even in the case of cheap cars. When a car owner chooses the fuel, he or she thinks of its advantages and disadvantages. They also consider in the same manner, concerning pros and cons, the transmission type.Mechanic transmissions are based on fixed axes, with two or three axles and with cylindrical gear wheels, of steep teeth (lifting power in this case is high and there is low noise level on the move, even in the case of cheap cars).Automatic transmissions are of three types. The first type is based on a hydro transformer and planet gear, and the second type has a chained mechanic variation device with planet gear, for expensive cars like Audi, but also for cheap cars. The third type is special and it is equipped with double coupler and cylindrical gear provided by BMW or Mercedes.According to experts, one Audi car out of four is equipped with automatic transmissions. In the case of many cheap cars, mechanic transmissions are more dynamic, effective and they are not associated with high fuel consumption because there are no automation elements involved. Two disadvantages of these transmissions are lower comfort and power flow interruption while changing speed level.On the other hand, automatic transmissions are characterized by a high degree of comfort and speed level changes without interrupting power flow. Another advantage of these transmissions is less considerable transmission shock during coupling or decoupling speed level.There are cases when this transmission can almost reach the ideal feature at the traction level: maximum wheel power regardless the speed, which means very good dynamic and economic features, through the continuous variation of the speed ratio. The good news in these cases is that it can be associated with engines of at least 200 horsepower and 300 Newton-meters, instead of less powerful engines.Automatic transmissions can be in general effective, in spite of higher fuel consumption, less dynamism and higher costs. Nevertheless, an automatic transmission is able to combine successfully the advantages of both transmissions types. It is remarkable through its sporty features, as it is very dynamic, it is effective, and the consumption is almost similar to a manual transmission. Besides, comfort is high and speed can be changed without interrupting power flow.Obviously, the car of our dreams has automatic transmission, it is cheap, and it meets all the pollution standards. It is comfortable and environmentally friendly. Besides, there are perspectives to replace the traditional fuel with alternative versions. In addition, automatic transmission is a feature of many luxury cars nowadays. However, cheaper cars can also be equipped with such transmission and they can be sold at accessible prices. Automatic transmission is recommended for big cities where traffic is intense and there are quite frequent traffic jams. If you are fond of cars and you want to know more details about transmissions, first you have to know that their technology differs from a producer to another.

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