XXR 501 Tires and Wheels Review

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The XXR 501 wheels and tires have been in production since 2007 and these have been introduced to expand the JDM throwback wheel styles. The XXR 501 wheels are the limited gold edition wheels that are featured with a 6 spoke star design.
xxr-501-truck wheels

For obtaining a superior look, these wheels feature a six spoke design along with machined stepped lip. At present, these wheels are available only for 4 lug cars and the wheels for the 5 lug vehicles are expected to arrive by the end of 2010. The available wheel sizes for the 4 lug vehicles are 15 inches and 16 inches.

The XXR 501 wheels are considered ideal for the vehicles like Mazda Miata, BMW E30, Nissan 240SX, S13, Scion xB and xA, Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla.

The salient features of the XXR 501 include

• Genuine billet aluminum XXR logo canter cap
• Retro JDM inspired flavor
• Machined lip for authentic old school type and
• Wide range of fitments, in high and low offsets

The XXR 501 wheels are produced by the XXR wheels company, a subsidiary of AZUL manufacturers, which produces several other types of wheels and tires. The XXR 501 black wheels are the throw back wheels available in only black color. These are technologically designed with a retro style to fit old school cars and new wave tuner cars.

The available dimensions to the 4 lug wheels comprise of 15x7 inches, 15x8 inches and 16x8 inches sets. The available offset pattern sizes include 38 mm, and 15 mm. The 15 mm offset pattern suits both the 15 and 16 inch size wheels.

As far as the pricing is concerned, the base price of the XXR 501 15 inch wheel is about $99.99, while the pricing for the 16 inch wheels starts from $109.99, and is considered to be fairly reasonable despite being limited edition products.

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