Where is the throttle control sensor located ?

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I just had a computer check done on my 2000 GMC Sonoma at Advance Auto Parts because my truck sometimes hesitates or stalls. They said the throttle control sensor was bad. I plan on putting it on myself, but I need to know where is is located.

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5 Responses to Where is the throttle control sensor located ?

  1. The throttle position sensor is located at the throttle BODY.

    Basically have a buddy sit at the driver’s seat and continueously play with the gas pedal. You will see a half circular level move up and down. That whole ares is called the throttle body.

    Good Luck…

  2. tweety says:


  3. larmarine83 says:

    Don’t listen to them, they are just reading out what the code reader says and trying to sell you a part. You have to test to VERIFY that a part is defective before you replace it. What are you gonna do when you drop $60 on a part, install it, and nothing changes?

  4. mdcbert says:

    Auto parts stores just rad the code and sell parts. they are not able to diagnose properly

    Take it to the dealer, I guarantee they`ll fix it righ tthe first time.

  5. Will S says:

    It’s on the engine, couldn’t the clever people at Advanced who code read your vehicle show you where the part is, or did they just want your money for the part? Just because the tps comes up as a code, doesn’t mean the sensor is bad.