What could be wrong after cleaning the throttle body and now check engine light is on?

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97 Buick Lesabre. All I did was clean the throttle because it has been having a lack of power. Now the check engine light comes on and it revs to 4000 rpm before shifting into second. There are no throttle adjustments. I double checked all vacuum lines and there are no loose wires.

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10 Responses to What could be wrong after cleaning the throttle body and now check engine light is on?

  1. Chops says:

    Well now u fk’d it up buddy!!!

  2. oxygen censor! Its making your air to fuel ratio off. And your running a little rich or lean making you lose power!

  3. lbhietala says:

    Did you clean the throttle body with a spray cleaner? It may have contaminated one or more of your sensors – some of those things are surprisingly touchy for being bolted into an engine.

    See if you can pull the codes off the computer and find out which sensor is unhappy.

  4. donnasgame says:

    try taking your gas cap off and put it back on. my car does this if its not on right. it will take a few trips before the light goes off though.

  5. Loose wires is not the only problem, if you accidently slightly broke the circuit and re-established it, that is enough for the computer to say “TILT”.

    I hope you do not need to take it back to a factory authorized representative and have to pay $500 to have a little button be reset by the computer system they have! This is the conspiracy the auto-makers have created with the smog laws… THEY want to fix our cars, NOT let US do it on our own for cheaper!

    When WE fix our cars, there are no taxes on labor and parts coming into the for-profit government we have today, and, the corporations lose out on their franchise fees that the independent garages pay! That is the biggest scam conspiracy today (second only to grocery store coupons and mandatory auto insurance!). Everything today is geared so we have to pay through our noses as consumer slaves because technology has been designed to TAKE AWAY our freedoms!

    The short end of this is you might have tripped one of the sabotage warning systems that tells the auto-service people you were doing something simple all by yourself. You have to find out what system you “violated”.

  6. Dtownfb says:

    Many auto part stores will scan your engine for free. The codes will give you an idea of waht is wrong with your car. I don’t think cleaning the throttle body had anything to do with the check engine light.

    You could have a number of things wrong and the only way to find out exactly what is going on is to get the engine scanned with a OBD II code reader.

  7. MJ says:

    i know exactly what your talking about i had the same problem with my 99 Grand Am, check your PCV valve, try restarting your car a couple times to see if it is consistently reving up each time, try putting some STP Superconcentrated Fuel Injector Cleaner, or have a mechanic check the intake,O2 censor, and thermostat.

  8. Jay Bailey says:

    Throttle position sensor may be bad. Are you sure its throttle body injected?
    Try removing the negative battery cable over night which will reset the computer.
    Ive worked on Buicks before and the 3800 engine always needs to be reset after maintenance. Ive had to do this before after a thermostat.

  9. mdk68gto says:

    the system might have picked up the rich mixture that it could not correct, so it stored a code. reset and let it relearn.