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For all the car owners who've been carrying on with the same model for several years(at least 3 or more), battery replacement in always on-the-cards. There are several options available in the market, though the big guns like Walmart seldom offer free installation. So, you must consider all the factors before making the decision.

Now, coming to the top auto battery manufacturers, it is a well known fact, majority of car batteries are dealt with, by the top 3 manufacturers namely Exide, Johnson Controls Industries and Delphi.

So, if you're looking out for the best auto battery deals, these three must be on top of your cards. The Delphi is known for manufacturing some EverStart models, which are widely sold in ACDelco and even Walmart.

On the other hand, the Johnson Control Industries are well-known for their Duralast batteries, which can be easily spotted in Autozone stores, Kirkland - the Costco brand, Motorcraft sold by Ford, and the Diehard - sold in Sears.

The leading products of Exide include the Exide batteries, Napa, Champion as well as a good chunk of the EverStart batteries.

When the discussion boils down to making purchase and getting it installed, Sears, Goodyear, Firestone, Pep Boys and the likes of them happen to be good options, while Walmart and the likes of them may offer you goods at a lower price, but without any installation aid.

Remember, if your car battery is more than 4 years old, the chances are high that you may face problems in upcoming times. So, you must consider replacing the battery pretty soon, especially before you plan for an outstation trip!

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