Mercedes Benz Automatic Transmission Fluid ATF

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Mercedes  Benz Automatic Transmission Fluid

OEM Mercedes Benz Automatic transmission fluid part number 001 989 68 03 13. Compatible with all Benz automatic transmissions and transfer cases for models between 1990 to 2010. Some Mercedes Benz 2011, 2012 and 2013 models use the new blue fluid which this is not, so please verify with your dealer. Will also work for Sprinter vans and some Chryslers with the Benz transmissions ATF. For more details check your vehicle specs. Capacity for most transmissions with torque converter is about 7-8 liters. This fits the 722.3, 722.4, 722.5, 722.6, and 722.9 transmissions. It has excellent chemical characteristics — even under extreme test conditions, it reduces friction and wear and is resistant to aging on transmission units.
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