Diehard Automotive Battery Review

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The Diehard automotive batteries were introduced in 1967 and had become a popular household product in very short period of time.
The batteries are produced to render reliable performance,long life, and low maintenance.

These serve every need right from sport utility vehicles, light trucks and passengers, down to vintage and commercial vehicles. These batteries offer dependability and premium power with the help of innovative technology.

The Diehard automotive batteries are made up of P-1 Platinum and these features 880 cold cranking amps and more than 135 minutes of hold back capacity. The terminals provided to the battery are made using the corrosion resistant high quality tin and these are coated with brass material.

These terminals can offer consistent starting power in any kind of weather conditions. The military grade Diehard automotive batteries, with rugged production feature strong casing for improved compression.
military grade
It also offers good resistance for superior vibrations, making the battery ideal for off road capabilities. The features of Diehard automotive battery include and are not limited to-
military grade
• Plates made up of pure virgin lead (99.99 percent),
• Longer off season storage time- classic cars and show cars,
• Absorbed glass mat construction,
• Multiple electronic accessories,
• More purity grade acid held safely by glass mats using non spillable design
• Four year free replacement warranty, and
• 100 month prorated limited warranty
military grade
The absorbed glass mat construction provides the battery a guarantee longer service life and mounting flexibility. The Diehard batteries are light commercial and passenger car types that can be transported very easily from one place to another.
military grade
The weight of the product is 53 lbs. The container material used to produce the battery is polycarbonate or polyester. The length, height and width of the battery are 7-4/5 inch, 10-9/10 inch and 6-4/5 inches respectively. As the size of the battery is very small, it results in ease of transportation.

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